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Madavi is a leading US based fashion stylist who is reshaping perspectives on fashion and styling. She mainly works on film, TV and world class photo shoots. She is also a personal stylist and has set the fashion world in a different light styling celebrities all over the world. Hailing from Winter Haven Florida, she began her journey as a fashion designer often finding inspiration in unique and uncharted waters.

Fashion & STYLE

Her business acumen along with her innate desire to constantly push the boundaries eventually  propel her to styling  on some of the most compelling movie and television sets around. Her creative talents and immovable passion to tell stories through apparel, clothing and accessories led to the birth of her brand, MaDavi Enterprise.

MaDavi & Co.

Breaking the norms in a world of visual storytelling, Madavi’s meticulously crafted looks as well her fashion sense allow for her to evoke emotions and unravel novel ideas. Madavi is ultimately a problem solver who is constantly thinking outside the box. She believes there are no limits, if a problem arises there is always a way to solve it. 

MaDavi is here to change the way in which we embrace fashion and one should not miss this opportunity for a formidable styling experience! Working with MaDavi is an invaluable invitation to celebrate, learn, and experience the golden nuggets of fashion to bring out the very best in each of her clients.  MaDavi is here to assist you with the way you experience fashion.